See the way the light folds so gracefully, see the world so clearly now in front of me.

Bedroom Wind is a 18” x 72” triptych with a very small edition available at

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I’ve found these amazing pictures by Stephanie Bateman-Graham:

Technically speaking this is mineral microscopy; I prefer to call it Microgeophotography: I use a low-powered microscope and capture software to take very close up pictures of mostly unpolished slices of rock. In the trade these are called slabs.

It’s amazing what you find under the microscope: rich and complex blends of colours seem to emerge from nowhere; shapes, faces, landscapes, deep space, animals, and plants all find their way into the picture. Some of my favourites are pure abstract art to be enjoyed entirely for their own sake.”

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2002: Peru, Machu Picchu - for harryschuler :)

Film scan, post processed in Lightroom

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my computer is broken and i’m too lazy to buy a new one, but i will eventually ‘cause i need it… so i’m tumblring at work lol.

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Tame Impala | My Lover Mother Nature

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MGMT - New Age (Velvet Underground cover)

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